Loca for Local Vending Info


Created, Presented & Curated by Sew Bonita. 

We’ve Grown So Much!

Loca for Local started off with 6 vendors and has significantly grown over time. We started out when the "pop up" trend was happening all over the US and thought it should be something we do here in Corpus Christi. Loca is a market/mercado with some of the best vendors or organizers in South Texas. In 3 years of its conception, we have had over 100 vendors, and more than 10,000+ attendees from all parts of Texas, and US. We very much appreciate you wanting to be part of the Loca Family. 

The information below explains how and when we open up vending spots for our events.

How do I become a vendor?

All vendors must go through an application process that opens up around 2-3 months before each event. We’ll announce the open applications on the Sew Bonita Facebook Page. Because of the massive growth and popularity of Loca for Local, curating our vendor applicants is extremely important now more than ever. When considering vendors, we review applications, creative practices, production methods, presentation and more. We want to make sure the vendor and product align with what Loca for Local is known for. This means curating vendors at the highest level. We do our best to make space for new vendors, however, with our limited space, we are only able to bring in new vendors on a limited scale.

What do I need to apply as a vendor?

The application lists all of what you need when applying, however, the most important thing you will need is a current active Texas Sales Tax ID as well as photos of the products you plan on selling.

What types of vendors are not allowed?

We do not allow any 3rd party vendors (scentsy, lipsense, herbal life, etc.).

How much are vending fees?

Vending fees are $100 for in-person markets and $50 for Curbside (online) markets. All vending fees are non-refundable. All approved applications will receive an email with a payment link for the vending fee.

How long do I have to pay the vending fee?

You will have 48 hours to pay the vending fee (through the payment link we send you). After 48 hours your vending spot will be passed along to the next vendor on the waiting list.

When do applications open up?

Applications open up around 2-3 months before each event. Announcements will be made on the Sew Bonita Facebook Page.

When are applicants notified?

All eligible applications will be reviewed and notified approximately 2 weeks after submission with an official decision. Any applicant that did not get accepted for the event will be put on a wait list. If a vending spot opens up, wait list applicants will be notified and given an opportunity to vend on an individual basis.

I own a business and would like to pass out information or setup a table at your event. Can I do that?

Because of our limited vending spots, we reserve those for makers, brands and other creatives to sell their products. Having you as an event sponsor might be a better match. You can email elena@sewbonita.com for more info.

Thank you all! I really do appreciate you loving and supporting this event that we work so hard on. 

Elena Flores
Sew Bonita