A Chingona with a Colorful Vision

chingona chisme sew bonita

Mayra Zamora is on a mission. A mission to add colors and paint murals throughout the city of Corpus Christi. Zamora was born in Austin and raised in the small town of Tivoli, Texas. She graduated top of her class, receiving numerous scholarships which helped fuel her dream of being an Educator and an Artist. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. Stripes Convenience Stores commissioned her for her original work to be displayed in three new stores in Texas.  She also was asked by Stripes Stores representatives to create a “one-of-a-kind” original art design that told the story of Laredo Taco Company studying the brand and understand the integrity of the art of making a homemade tortilla.  For this task, the artist pulled from her roots as a Latina growing up in South Texas as her inspiration. Most recently, she was selected by the Art Center of Corpus Christi to create a mural for the West façade of the building that represents her artistic identity. Each panel of the mural pays homage to important facets of the artist’s life. Zamora's mural is purposely titled, Chicano Pop, to spark conversation on the term, Chicano. Her murals are inspired by her current body of work and include artist’s codex, allowing the viewer to participate literally and visually.

“My current body of work is a devotion to the fundamentals of art and my love for my Mexican heritage.” Mayra Zamora

Photo credit: Omar Arellano

chingona chisme sew bonita

De Colores

She focuses on what she considers the most important elements of art; Line, Shape, & Color, while incorporating Mexican iconography. Her influences are derived from her childhood spending numerous hours looking through a kaleidoscope, looking out the car window while crossing the Mexican border and staring at stained glass windows during Sunday mass.  As a child, she was captivated and highly inspired by the unique shapes, colorful patterns, and designs she would see all over; such as in Mexican textiles, architecture, and within the vivacious culture.  This experience has impacted her artwork and herself as an adult artist. She incorporates repetition of design and imagery in her work, influenced by Pop Artist, Andy Warhol. She is also highly influenced by modern American artists and color masters and their ability to create movement within their compositions; such as Victor Vasarely, Frank Stella, Josef Albers, & Piet Mondrian.


chingona chisme sew bonita

A Chingona con Confianza

"To trust my gut is the most important thing I have learned. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! I have gained a lot of knowledge of what kind of events and galleries to approach.  I have been screwed over plenty of times because the art world can be vivacious. I have learned to continue looking forward despite setbacks and to never give up on my dream.  My parents did not immigrate to America for me not to do something with my life.  I have learned probably the most basic thing an artist can do, and that is to ASK.  The worst thing someone is going to do is say no, pero there is a slight chance that when asking, something great can come from it."


chingona chisme sew bonita

Chingona = Badass

"When people assume Chingona is correlated to the demeaning of women, I quickly correct them.  Chingona has been in my vocabulary since I can remember. To me Chingona, only is about positivity to the Latina omen, it basically translates to “Badass!” Y yo soy “Badass”, una chingona following her dream of being an artist and educating people about the arts during my journey.  I am so excited to see a rise of other “Chingonas” in our community but also in the entire world. Just because you are not of Latino decent does not mean you cannot be a Chingona. If you are a badass lady, pues there you go, tu eres chingona!"

(Ojo Talavera)

chingona chisme sew bonita

Cuentame el Chisme

This spring Mayra will be working on another project with the Marina Arts District in the continuation of adding more color to our beloved city.  She is over the moon to continue working with fellow Chingona and artist, Sandra Gonzalez. Together, they will be lead teachers showing students the in’s and out’s of the mural process. Sandra and her (aka. Las Dos Chicas Muralistas) will be creating two collaborative murals during a 5 week summer camp for K Space Contemporary.  As for personal endeavors, she will be having a solo exhibition at the Art Center of Corpus Christi this coming fall! Chicano Pop 3.0 Also, this month, she is hosting Chicas Bonitas. An all-female exhibition bringing together the work of 75 artists. The exhibit includes regional, national, and local youth artists and will be on display at La Retama Library. Proceeds benefiting youth art camp scholarships and Friends of Corpus Christi Public Libraries. Join Mayra and friends on April 29 for the closing Pachanga which include a fashion show, music, vendors, and food!

(Calavera Talavera)

chingona chisme sew bonita

 "The only thing I know is that I paint because I have to." - Frida Kahlo

I am beyond thrilled to have La Mayra contribute to Chingona Chisme. When I met her, I knew that we would become good friends. Her energy and spirit are colorful like her art, but also infectious. Please support Mayra by visiting her Etsy store where printouts of her paintings are available, and please stop by at the Chicas Bonita Pachanga happening at the end of this month! 

¡ Hasta la próxima!


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