Bienvenidos a Sew Bonita! Welcome to Sew Bonita! My name is Elena Flores, and I am a wife, pit bull mom, cat mom, Latina, and CHINGONA!

I was born and raised in the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, and currently living in Corpus Christi, Texas with my husband, Gerald Flores (, and 4 furry children!

I started my sewing venture in November of 2014 as a hobby! I attended several classes, but for the most part self taught! I also like to craft, and create things that are bright, bold, beautiful and full of shine! I am obsessed with every part of my Mexican culture! The food, décor, color, music, traditions and so much more! If I could I would throw cascaron confetti everywhere I go! But for now, this little blog/website will do!

Take a peek and see what you like! This is such a new journey for me, and I’m so happy that you will join me for the ride!

Hasta Luego,

Elena Flores
Creative + Chingona