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Hi Raza! We're back after taking May off to recoup and focus on self-care. June is about to end, and we are in the middle of 2018, can you believe? I just celebrated by 30FINE birthday earlier this month, and I can't tell you how happy I feel about life. This viejona is proud to be aging, and I hope and pray that the years will continue to bring me health, good people, and endless love. 

It's funny how life is. Sew Bonita has allowed me to meet amazing people in my community, doing things that not only benefit our city but inspire others to do the same. And that's when I met Ashley. I can't wait for you to read her mission and meet this loca for local Chingona making a difference.

Who is Ashley Arevalo? 

I’m a 25-year-old Latina living in Corpus Christi Texas. I feel like I wear many hats but they all make me who I am and they’re all something I’m passionate about.  A year after I graduated with my MBA, my boyfriend and I decided to start our own digital marketing agency for small businesses. I’m also a style blogger! I recreate outfits from movies, tv shows, and music videos. Last but not least I’m president of Period Corpus Christi, a chapter of a national organization called Period the Menstrual movement that provides pads and tampons to people who need them.

 chingona chisme period project

Period Project Event with Islander Feminists at TAMUCC

Inspiration Leads to the Period Project

I find inspiration through my own experiences with periods. Periods have always been the bane of my existence and I think everyone who has a period feels the same way. From the terrible cramps and bloating to waking up in a surprise little pool of my own blood, it’s just not fun. But I’ve always had access to pads and tampons and I recognize my privilege every day. My parents gave me a life where I never went without anything and I believe that if you have most of your immediate needs taken care of then you should really ask yourself what you are doing to help other people. I mean can you imagine not having a pad or tampon when you’re on your period? Homeless women sometimes end up using plastic bags or napkins and it’s really unsafe and can lead to horrible infections. Menstrual products aren’t a luxury and everyone needs to have access to them. With the political climate and social issues that are happening today, finding something you are passionate about and taking action is a great way to stay busy because it’s easy to feel discouraged reading the latest headlines. In November of 2016, I knew I had to do something to make a difference and I’ve been involved with this movement ever since.

chingona chisme period project

Learning from Challenges

I feel like another bane of my existence has always been my shyness. I’m extremely introverted and I often feel so anxious in a social setting. But my work with Period Corpus Christi, running a style blog and owning a digital marketing agency has allowed me to meet so many amazing new people. Last year I was asked to speak on a panel at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi during Women’s History Month and I absolutely did not want to do it because I hate public speaking. But I ended up saying yes because this cause is so important to me that I needed to bring awareness to it. Being nervous for 10 minutes seemed like something so small and trivial compared to how many people would learn about this cause. It’s important to do things that scare you because it helps you grow!

chingona chisme period project

Latina y Cultura

For me, being Latina is something that I’m so proud of. Our culture is rich in history and I feel so grateful to be a part of it. I think Latinos have this common characteristic of being passionate. I only try to do things that I’m extremely passionate about. Whether it’s periods, fashion or helping a small business with social media I need to be 100% about it or else it’s not worth my time. Life is short so it’s important to do the things you love.

chingona chisme period project

What does Chingona mean to you? 

A Chingona is someone who is a Girlboss. Someone who is fearless, ambitious, and doesn’t care what people think. Basically, they’re ‘GOALS’.

Tell us the Chisme!

 Period Corpus Christi is participating in a fundraising competition with a bunch of other Period chapters and we have a couple of events coming up! The first one is July 6th at the Kendra Scott store La Palmera mall in Corpus Christi Texas from 6-8. They’re donating 20% of all sales made during our event to our cause. The next one is a rummage sale called Benefit Bazaar on August 4th at Bar Under the Sun in from 12-4. We’re partnering with a local organization that brings awareness to postpartum depression called Corpus Christi Maternal Mental Health Coalition. I’m so excited for both events and can’t wait to see how much money we end up raising! The funds we raise from our events will go to creating period care packages to distribute to shelters.

Where can people find you?

You can find me and period corpus Christi on Instagram: @ashleyalyssa   @Periodcorpuschristi

My blog is and you can also check us out on Facebook at Period Corpus Christi.


THANK YOU for reading on Ashley and the wonderful things she is doing for women kind! You know, periods are such a taboo subject. We don't talk about how awful it can be for us, and on a personal note, it's the worst and most painful time of the month. I can't imagine not having access to everyday necessities during this horrible week. Ashley, you inspire! And I hope you reading this are inspired too! Get up, get moving and DO SOMETHING!



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