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Los Street Vendors

Jump-start your baby's Spanish-speaking skills! Perfect for reading to babies and toddlers, the bilingual board book box set Los Street Vendors, part of the Sí Sabo Kids series, introduces your child to Latin American culture while teaching them fundamental Spanish first words vocabulary for colors, shapes, and fruits.
Now you don’t need to know Spanish to teach your kids Spanish!

With the 3 beautiful books in this board book set inspired by traditional Latin American street vendors, kids can learn:
  • Shapes from El Paletero (ice cream cart)
  • Colors from El Puesto De Flores (florist)
  • Fruits from El Carrito de Frutas (fruit cart)

There’s no better time for kids to learn a second language than during the first years of their life, so take advantage of this special moment and turn your "No Sabo Kids" into "Sí Sabo Kids" with this durable and fun box set of three board books.

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