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Convos & Conchas (Cali & Texas Panel) 9/15


FRIDAY Sept 15th / 7pm - 9pm

Making Generational Wealth Accessible” - We'll discuss 3 ways of making generational wealth accessible and what that process is like by way of entrepreneurship. 

Join us for a night filled with good energy as we present a panel of amazing women from California and Texas. You won't want to miss this panel! 

This event is for adults only (18+) and LIMITED SEATING

The Panel

Linda Garcia
Linda is a Cali native and proud Latina with 17 years of experience in the TV and film industry, where she helped well-recognized TV networks, movie studios, and streaming services build programming for the U.S. Hispanic market. Today, she is the founder of In Luz We Trust™️, a rapidly growing community of Latinx investors on Patreon and Instagram. Linda is also a published children’s book author and self-made business owner, focused on helping the Latinx community heal generational money wounds and achieve wealth. Check out her book, 'Wealth Warrior'.

Jessica Resendez
Discovered in 2010, RAGGEDYTIFF is a brand bloomed by her Mexican roots, EMPOWERMENT, traditions & her vibrant CULTURA. Specializing in statement apparel, unique accessories, stationery, & breathtaking home decor. RAGGEDYTIFF is known for its Unique/Vibrant Illustration designs, sewing techniques, craftsmanship & exquisite one-of-a-kind detailed pieces.

Leslie Valdivia - Vive Cosmetics
Vive Cosmetics is a culture-conscious beauty brand that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals through their unique stories. Founded by Leslie and Joanna, Vive Cosmetics is on a mission to make beauty accessible and inclusive for all. With a focus on uplifting beauty, ambition, and joy, Vive Cosmetics encourages everyone to embrace their unique narrative and live vibrantly.

Sew Bonita
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GRAB YOUR TICKET - We'll see you there. 

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