Periodic Table of Tacos Shirt


There’s no greater chemistry than the one between you and your favorite taco!

BarbacoApparel's famous Periodic Table of Tacos graphic tee will have you using the scientific method to determine which taquitos you need to modify with spicy, creamy, bright, and fresh flavorful elements found in Mexican cuisine!

Unleash your inner-nerd with this categorically awesome shirt! You'll spend hours poring over each Mexican delicacy, tallying all the classics you have tried (and maybe  most importantly, tallying all the tacos you haven't tried yet).

From the succulent weekend favorite, barbacoa, to the humble weenie & egg, this shirt comes con todo!

Every BarbacoApparel graphic tee is an original design, made with love and crafted with an appreciation for Tex-Mex culture. 

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