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Chingona Chisme

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The Chingona behind Sweet Life

Friends meet the talented, fellow Chingona, Vianney Rodriguez, the founder, recipe developer and South Texas foodie behind Sweet Life. Her blog, Sweet Life is a celebration of la dulce vida in South Texas and an exploration of South Texas food and culture.  Simply put, Sweet Life is a delicious blend of the culture and flavors from her life that she is sharing with el mundo!

Chingona Chisme

Inspiration for Sweet Life 

The inspiration for Sweet Life is derived from a passion for good food, experiences and memories celebrated with Vianney's family, through travel, entertaining and soul satisfying meals together. Her recipes are inspired by moments in her life, whether it was the first time she had Abuelita’s homemade lemonade or the first time she tried brisket or the first time she made Thanksgiving dinner all by herself. Muy Chingona!

Chingona Chisme

A Chingona faces the Challenge

When she started blogging she didn't know anything on how to start a blog, maintain or share on social media. It was all a learning experience, that really led her to push herself and conquer this task like a Chingona would. She homeschools her children so time (there is never enough hours in the day) was always an issue for her. For the first four years of blogging, she would shoot all her pictures and draft her blog posts at 3 am in the morning. It was the only time when the house was quiet and she could really be alone with her creative thought process. Thankfully now that her children are older she is now able to blog during the day. Her oldest has become a big part of the blog and runs all of her social media, which helps Vianney tremendously. 

Chingona Chisme

Cultura y Recuerdos

Vianney's culture is a huge part of her life. From the food to art, to books her culture shapes who she is as a woman, sister, and mother. Both her parents are from Mexico, so growing up she had the best of both worlds. When she and her siblings arrived home from school they were only allowed to speak Spanish, her parents wanted them to learn how to speak Spanish and become fluent in it. They made sure to immerse the family in their Mexican heritage by sharing with them the traditional foods and celebrations of Mexico. On the other hand, they also wanted them to celebrate that they are American/Texan. They would take them on road trips throughout Texas where they learned about the Seguin Pecan, Poteet strawberries and enjoyed chicken fried steak. Exposing them to the best of both cultures! Vianney is proud to be a first-generation Mexican American and also First generation Texan and she does not take that responsibility lightly. This is why she celebrates her Tejana roots, sharing every plate, taste and sip that she grew up enjoying. Her site is a reflection of her life.

"Chingona means to me being proud of where you came from, proud that your parents worked their asses off to give you the opportunity to thrive. Proud that you can live in a world where being creative is celebrated. Chingona means,"Hey world, I am Tejana, I am BOLD. I am Latina. I am ENOUGH. I am worthy. I am AMAZING. I am BADASS!" - Vianney Rodriguez

Chingona Chisme

El Chisme Esta Bueno

As far as chisme is concerned, Vianney just signed on to write her second book, which will celebrate her Tejana pride like the Chingona she is. Look for that to hit bookshelves in spring of 2018! Also her store is giving her life at the moment. To be creative on another level besides food is FUN, plus she gets to work with her little sister which is always a bonus. Hermana projects are the best! Be on the lookout for new designs and products hitting the store soon as they are currently in the midst of moving Sweet Life and Soy Tejana nto a new studio headquarters, where they will be able to share more content, more behind the scenes and plenty of cocktails. Ajua! 

Chingona Chisme

Chingona Recipes & More

Vianney has sew many recipes and is a prime example of what a Chingona is. We’re thrilled to have her contribute to Chingona Chisme. To keep up with what Vianney is doing, be sure to follow her @sweetlifebake on Instagram and on

Thank you Sew Bonita fans for learning all about Vianney and her blog that I'm sure sew many of you all will love! Share this blog with your fellow Chingonas and plan your next party with some of Vianney’s recipes. 

¡ Hasta la próxima!




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