¡Viva la Chingona!

Hola Friends! It's been a long time! Yes, I know! Please forgive me! We've been super busy with work, vending out of town, life and then Hurricane Harvey. For a minute there, I lost my sewjo and all drive for creativity! But I'm back and super excited about all the good that is happening! I went to San Antonio last month to attend Micaela Perez's blog launch party held at the Luchador Bar. A cool party with a wrestling theme and we were able to catch up on all the chisme! We had a great time, and networked till our little heart's content! Without further ado, here she is!

chingona chisme

Tell me about you and your blog!

My government name is Elaine Michelle Perez. I go by Mica which is short for Micaela and what my professors called me at UTSA. The name of my blog is Viva La Vida Mica
chingona chisme

Inspiration and Education go hand in hand

I have been an educator for over ten years. While living and completing my masters degree in Oaxaca, I taught English from my apartment for the kids in my colonia when their teachers would go on strike. When I got home to Texas, I continued teaching but this time high school juniors at an inner city school. Inspiration and education have been at the forefront of my life. I have always been of service to youth! I would often have kids getting ready to graduate and thinking they couldn't make a life doing what they really loved such as being an artist, chef, or musician. I found ways to show them they could via TED talks or sporting local artist on my walls or clothes ( I do my best to support local businesses and artists). I constantly strived to inspire them to believe they could be whatever they wanted and that success didn't always mean college or working behind a desk. They are my inspiration and always will be. 
chingona chisme concha pandulce
Concha and Churro Cupcakes provided by Andrew, a former student of Mica's. Find him on Instagram @andrew8535

The Chisme on the Challenges

OHHHHH GURRRRLLLLL! Get out the conchas and cafecito!! Honestly though...I have found that peoples moral compasses will not always align with your own, which is everywhere. Some people can be cut throat so as an entrepreneur you have to stay grounded in who you are and your value! I have learned that skills are cheap, passion is priceless, and legacy is everything!  For me I live by the motto of keeping your intensions pure, apologize when you should, love as hard as you can, and just stay in your lane! There are no failures only lessons! 

chingona chisme pinta

Custom made Piñata by @pinatasbychi

La Cultura

Culturally Mexicana/Latinas are very nurturing. We love to give, to feed, and to guide. PEROOOO we are also luchadoras! These are cultural pillars that have bled onto my work, which I am thankful for. I always went against the grain, even as I child. I often say I am an anomoly. I look back at chingonas like Dolores Huerta, Gloria Anzaldua, Carmen Tafolla, and so many other women that have made me who I am today. I am just a servant of their work. 
concha balloon chingona chisme
Concha Balloon by @gl0bitos

What does Chingona mean to you?

To me it is that we don't give in or give up...as Angela Aguirre from Chingona loosely states:
We are whatever we wanna be.
We are unbothered, 
We are revolutionary, 
We are resistance,  
We are communal,
We are mystical, magical and fly as fuck. 

Any good Chisme?

Now that my blog is launched it is time to get to work! One of the projects I have lined up is to provide an education section where I plug in a space for educators, parents, and even people who just want to help inspire and teach others. I would love to find a way to connect these amazing artists with the kids in school who need to see different views on what success looks like. It is a bomb ass space where collaborations between kids, parents, schools, and small businesses can come together. We shall see how it all plays out! #goalsofachingona 

Chingonas Support Other Chingonas

I met Mica via Instagram, and we immediately clicked. She is super supportive of all Latinx businesses, and when she invited us to SA for her blog launch, I knew I had to go. Please visit her blog/website at vivalamica.com for all the coolness happening around her and the many Chingonas she supports. Or follow her on Instagram or Facebook too! I can't wait to read up all about it! Besos!

¡Hasta la próxima!


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