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Yo te Cielo

Hola Chingonas!! Can you believe it's already October!! Which is not only my favorite time of year, it's Muertos season! I absolutely love everything about Dia De los Muertos, and this year, Husband and I will be venturing out to Oaxaca, Mexico for everything Muertos. It's our first time experiencing this rich holiday in the mother land. With that being said, we will be processing orders while we are there, however, any sewn goodies will be delivered when we return. 

Now, on to our blog! So, there's been this little girl that has taken my breath away in Califas by the name of Cielo. (Can we just take a moment to recognize how much of a kickass name that is?) Her mother ordered Cielo our Chula hat, and has sent me pictures with her wearing it, and she looks so damn fierce. When I first started blogging, I wanted to feature women (young and old) that are making a difference in their communities, towns, cities and I could not pass up of featuring Cielo. She is a future Chingona....a Chingona rising....So here is her interview.

chingona chisme chula cielo 

Cielo, La Bailadora

Cielo just turned 10 this year, and was born in Harlingen, Texas, but has lived in California since she was 14 months old. When I asked her, "Where do you find your love for dance?", she said, "I just love moving a lot. Dancing has really good movement. I love music so when I listen to it I just start moving. Grooving and moving. I've been dancing for a long time, and it's one of my hobbies. I don't want to give it up because I've been working really hard on it for a long time. Since I was in Hip-Hop Teddy Bears class."

chingona chisme chula cielo

Cielo Overcoming Hurdles

"Moving to Los Angeles from Oakland, where I grew up and it felt like home to me. I had to leave my friends, my best buddies who are like my brothers, and I left my dance studio. When I started school in LA it was very hard, on my first day of school I was so excited to be at this school but I was a little bit nervous. After the first day I cried many times, it took me weeks to feel like it was home. My mom has a picture that says "keep calm and carry on" and every time I would miss my parents I would keep on saying it and meditate a little bit, and take deep breaths. That's how I over came it. I also made so many friends at my new school and I went to a new dance studio. At first I felt intimidated by all the trophies in my new dance studio, I felt I wasn't going to fit in but I took a breakdancing class on my first day. They were all boys except for one girl in the class. She became my friend along with three other little boys that also became my friends. I learned that by traveling to different places you can learn so much everywhere that will teach you to become better at doing something that you love to do and making new friends."

 chingona chisme chula cielo

Culture = Good Dancing and Good Food

Cielo says that she loves being Mexicana! And She loves our culture because it has very good dancing. Which is so true! She was mesmerized by going to shows, and seeing people dressed like our ancestors dancing to music and performing routines that are thousands of years old. Another favorite aspect of her culture is the FOOD! She loves aguacate tacos and will forever be her go-to taco. "My Tita Gloria makes me tacos that I love! I love tacos with frijoles, queso (vegan) and aguacate. This is my favorite combination!" One thing that she embraces as well, is how people greet each other. She notices that when she is amongst friends and family that haven't seen each other in a  while, or have just seen each other, they give each other kisses on the cheeks and hugs. An appropriate saludo that Im sure many of us can relate to! "Ven a saluda at tu...(tia, abuela, amiga, etc.) as many of our mother's would say. "I think our culture is about love, caring for others, and sharing the stories of our ancestors."

chingona chisme chula cielo 

Feeding the Motiviation

When her friends cheer for her, Cielo feel so motiviated and so confident. Being on stage, performing, and smiling keeps the motivation going. "Smiling makes me feel like I can do this and if I make a mistake, I keep going." Practice definitely makes perfect, and every performance motivates her to keep practicing, "because if I work hard enough I can get into other shows." Her mother, Hortencia, is encouraging Cielo to go for the gold,"my mom pushes me to the limit, and by her doing that it makes me push myself even harder."

Baddy (def: a badass)

Chingona to Cielo means a "baddy". "It means you're a leader, you work hard, and you share love. Chingonas have a really cool style, and they're fearless. Last year, I had a goal at school to be the star student of the month, and I achieved my goal. I like it."

 chingona chisme chula cielo

Chingona with Goals

"I want to make the United States a better place. Where everyone feels safe, especially Mexican, Asian, and Black people who have been hurt very badly. I also want to get into Junior Hit List, but first Mini List performance team. I want to be a performer when I grow up and travel all over the world."

Cielito Lindo

Cielo is always wearing her Chula hat from us. And her mother is constantly posting pics and videos of her dancing, and I've become such a huge fan of her. She is little, but she is fierce. I know for a fact that Cielo is being raised by strong and socially conscious parents, that are not only instilling copious amounts of confidence in their daughter, but are also raising her to be aware and cognizant of the societal issues in our everyday lives. #ParentingGoals. Cielo is a young girl with a super bright future in front of her, and she will definitely be a game changer for her peers and her community. But it's also our responsibility to see the potential of the young people around us. We have to encourage them to keep fighting the fight, to keep following their dreams, and to never lose focus of the end goal. Cielo we wish you nothing but success, happiness and good fortune! And when one door closes, remember that it just wasn't meant to be. Things will always work themselves out, and the universe will put you right where you are needed!


Thank you all for reading the latest of Chingona Chisme featuring Cielo from Califas! I hope that you are having a wonderful October!

¡Hasta la próxima!



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